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Veritas Bespoke is a Canadian company that manufactures and retails premium leather-soled shoes for men. The brand is founded in 2013, Veritas Bespoke has invented a new approach to the traditional shoe-making method: creating bespoke last from 3D scanning technology used in orthopedics footwear. In July 2013, Veritas Bespoke opened its boutique in Calgary. Two years later, the brand opened their first store in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

The Challenge

To increase sales and boost brand awareness despite challenging in a brand-new market, Veritas needs an integrated strategy that incorporated best practices in Facebook paid ads, content and visual enhancement.


  • Redefining the Target Audience behaviors, using A/B testing to optimize ads performance
  • Improving Brand Perception towards Veritas by delivering engaging content with minimal – designed graphic
  • Providing comprehensive dashboard for real-time tracking.


Volume of sales increased by 26%, CiR reached 20% and average CTR is 7.3% after 6 weeks of performance.

After Father’s Day campaign, collected 142 lead forms, 42 orders, CIR reached 18,25%, average CPO is around 800,000 VND on each purchasing.